S+DLH is a studio founded in 2017.

We work in the fields of industrial design, residential architecture, commercial interior design and art direction.

At S+DLH we believe that the key to professional excellence, and to human wellbeing, lies in striking a balance between luxury and moderation, order and complexity. Each of our projects, whether it involves interior architecture, design or art direction, is imbued with the same intrinsic quality: a quiet simplicity fuelled by big ideas.

Our studio is located in one of the oldest neighbourhoods in Madrid, close to the Chueca district, an avant-garde setting that still retains part of its original authenticity. We respect our surroundings and find inspiration in classic design tradition, but we also strive to incorporate a timeless aesthetic, natural materials and modern principles of understatement and refinement.

Our goal is to find perfect balance, the point where there is nothing left to add or subtract.


We work with private and corporate clients on catering, retail and residential projects.


We provide a comprehensive service that includes:

1. Interior architecture
2. Construction and renovation works
3. Licensing/permit management

4. Decoration