‘Kauani’ Seed Lamps

575 €


Woven nylon and lacquered steel structure

Seed Lamps is an approach to nature through visual perception. The study and observation of vegetation elements, their shapes, colors, textures and patterns is the starting point for the creation of different families of textile lamps, the result of a collaboration between Tornasol Studio, product design office, and Inés Quezada, textile designer.

KAUANI’ is a family of textile lamps that refers to the native Mexican flora. Kauani’ means ‘Florea’ in Nahuatl. The geometries of the agaves, the textures of the cacti, the changes in pigmentation of the cacao, the shapes of the chili peppers or the seeds of the mamey and the guanábana are some of the elements of endemic species on which this collection is based. Design by Tornasol Studio and Inés Quezada

Dimensiones: 238 x 238 x 440 mm

Shipping costs not included