Ultramarinos Octavio

Madrid — Spain

November 2018


  • S+DLH
  • in collaboration with Paloma Barrientos


Pablo Gómez-Ogando

Ultramarinos Octavio is a family business founded in the old Market of San Antón in the 1950s. It started out as a delicatessen, and today it is a flourishing upscale food mart that carries more than 300 types of cheeses, pure Iberian acorn-fed hams, cured meats, Norwegian salmon, foie gras and a wide variety of other gourmet products.

For these new premises in Calle Cea Bermúdez, we tried to recreate the feel of an old-fashioned Spanish grocer’s shop with a more avant-garde look. It is divided into two areas: a long, narrow space that serves as the delicatessen and gourmet products counter, and a rear courtyard where customers can sample the delicacies on display.