La Morera

Reserva de los Monteros, Marbella — Spain

September 2020


  • Inés Sierra
  • Mercedes Sierra
  • Javier de la Higuera


Ignacio Salas

La Morera is an interior decorating project for three model beachfront homes in one of the most exclusive residential estates in Marbella, Málaga.


We aimed to create a Mediterranean décor with fresh, cheerful colours.
Every room is furnished but not overdone, creating clean, uncluttered spaces that allow the natural light and details to take centre stage.

For the furnishings, we turned to craftspeople who have mastered the art of working with wood, sparto grass and wicker.

The project consists of three flats: a three-bedroom, two-storey penthouse with three large balconies, and two ground-floor, two-bedroom flats with a garden.