Conde Duque

Madrid — Spain

April 2022


  • Javier de la Higuera
  • Mercedes Sierra
  • Inés Sierra


Germán Saiz

Our clients wanted to bring part of their origins to Madrid. Plus, they are avid travellers—she is Mexican and he Galician—so they yearned to bring a family influence to their new home. This project is the outcome of a quest to find colour in Madrid, a characteristic marked by the owners’ journeys and origins.

We focused on vivid colours: bright yellows, greens, blues and reds, paired with materials like tiles, ceramics and fine wood. They are all cool materials in bright colours brought from distant, exotic locales. White tile combines with blue, red or yellow in different areas and is finished by edging to frame the different zones.

The entrance hall was designed with a wooden box separating two zones: the kitchen-dining room, inspired by Mexico, and the terraces and living room, inspired by Singapore. The latter was designed with tile in a very linear yellow and white surface which pops even more when the sunlight hits it.

In contrast, glazed green tiles were used in the kitchen, which echoes the upholstery of the same colour in the living room.

A large bookshelf running around the kitchen, dining room and living room area, where much of the time is spent, was also designed. This element is very important to the clients, as they hold all the objects they have collected on each of their journeys, in addition to all their books.

We wanted the private area to be cosy, so we suggested a cloud-grey carpet, which conveys calmness and evokes Galicia.



Stylist: Angela Esteban Librero

Stylist assistant: Carolina Dimter