Madrid — España

September 2022


  • Javier de la Higuera
  • Mercedes Sierra
  • Inés Sierra



This home belongs to a young couple with a child. They wanted to enjoy the communal areas with the family and the spaces to be as open-concept as possible.


The proposal led to an open-concept kitchen with an island which includes a built-in stove. The kitchen serves as the heart of the house, and that is why we wanted to give it a strong presence. We did this through colour and chose a black-dyed wood for the furniture, with a granite countertop which features a pronounced grain, yielding a unique space that connects with the dining room and the living room.


The kitchen links with the dining room, with an aesthetically identical piece of furniture which serves as a cupboard across from it. The dining room has a large iron and Carrara marble table designed by S+DLH, a very sculptural piece with impressive proportions that matches well with the Weissenhof B42 chairs by Mies Van der Rohe.


The living room is oriented towards three balconies, one of them glassed in and all providing views outdoors.


The living room features a custom sofa along with an artwork by Jorge Méndez Blake facing two armchairs we purchased at an antiques shop. The coffee table by the designer José Chafer is made of burnt wood and fits in well with the kitchen, which is important given that they both share visual space.


The clients needed a well-lit work space, and we connected it with the living room. We designed a suspended oak shelf with a drawer to serve as the desk. On the upper part, two suspended shelves give a sense of lightness. A ‘Cleopatra’ model daybed purchased at an auction is used to separate the living room from the desk.

Finally, the private area has three bedrooms: the master, the child’s and a guest bedroom. They are connected by a hallway and have no right angles because the shape of the building’s structure in this area is organic, and we wanted to respect it.


One curious feature requested by the clients was a sauna in their bathroom, which we designed. The floor and walls of the shower in the bathrooms are clad in Mortex, unlike the rest of the home, where the floor is covered with rows of oak panels.


The outcome is a house which is balanced, caters to customs and attempts to meet the clients’ wishes.

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